Charlotte Pride

This past weekend at Pride, I passed out business cards for my Etsy store by shouting, "If you like my shirt, take a card." Making my own shirt specifically for this event was the best idea I've had this year. I probably passed out about 100 cards, but I should've brought more with me. People love grabbing stuff at Pride.

I also brought my bisexual pride flag with me and gave it away. I bought it at Salt Lake City Pride two years ago, and it's been hanging in my room since that time. Recently, though, I've come to the realization that I don't actually think I'm bisexual. I think, though, that I'm going to write in a different post about that particular life revelation...

Pride is wonderful for a lot of different reasons, but I think my favorite thing about it is how unapologetically gay everyone is. There's no fear, no judgment, no need to hide or feel reserved.

This past week, my roommate was fired from her job for being transgender. I tweeted and facebooked the hell out of her employer's accounts, and she's in the process of putting together a lawsuit now.

My fieldwork placement for school was actually a rehab center that I've been to before in order to do my observation hours to apply to school. When I was there, I briefly mentioned that I was gay and the reaction was unfavorable. They were uncomfortable, I was uncomfortable, it wasn't great. Then one of the physical therapists tried to get in political debates with me and was using the Bible to support his claims. I had to have the most awkward conversation ever with my fieldwork teacher in order to get placed in a new location. I never planned on coming out to my teachers at all, and I definitely didn't plan on coming out to them during the first week of class.

Last week was tough. Last week, it wasn't fun to be gay. 

So if you're straight and you're jealous because there's no straight pride parade, I hope this gives you some perspective. On Sunday, I could celebrate my identity. On Sunday, I could forget all the problems I faced last week on account of being gay. On Sunday, it was fun to be gay.