Welcome to Texas Roadhouse

What up, I got a new job.

So I'm going back to school in a couple of weeks, which means I can't really work a normal Monday-Friday 40-hours-a-week job anymore BUT I still have to pay all of my bills. I didn't necessarily want to leave my job at Martial Arts University, but it became increasingly more obvious to me that I wouldn't be able to maintain my schedule and make enough money to, you know, live. 

My sister, who's worked in the restaurant industry for the majority of her life, has been encouraging me to get a job in a restaurant for, like, a year now. When I moved to Concord, she suggested I apply to Texas Roadhouse.

The weird thing is that when I got this job as a server and started telling people about it, the most common reaction I got was laughter. Which really, uh, doesn't feel very good. Working in a restaurant is one of the only jobs you can easily do to support yourself through school, but apparently people think it's "beneath" me or something? I'm the type of person that does whatever job needs to be done for whatever point I'm at in my life, so if working as a server gets me from point A to point B over the next couple of years, then I'm going to work as a server. 

I'm also the type of person that doesn't really know how to...half-ass things. I don't really care if someone thinks my job is trivial or that my college degree means I shouldn't have to wear an apron; I'm going to do the best I can no matter what it is I'm doing. 

I love working. I've gotten to a point in my life where I recognize that I love working no matter what the job actually is. When I got that compliment on the receipt pictured above, it was my last day of training at TRH. Those customers made my day. I'm excited for this next phase of life, and I hope if you're reading this and you live in Charlotte then you'll come visit me at the Texas Roadhouse at Concord Mills!!!