Look at this cat


I haven't posted anything

in a while, so here's a picture of my new kitten to make up for it. She really enjoys hanging out in my bathroom.

When I was looking for an apartment over the summer, I made sure to read a lot of reviews since I didn't do that for my previous apartment and therefore didn't know I'd be sharing my living space with about 200 cockroaches. The only negative reviews for my current place of residence said that there are a lot of stray cats in this neighborhood. Tons of stray cats. Not a day goes by without seeing at least a handful of stray cats. 

I love cats. When I was about 7 years old, I actually rescued a stray cat by sitting next to the storm drain where she lived for literal hours every day until she accepted me as her own. I named her Macy, since we already had two other cats named Lacy and Tracy. 

At the age of 16, however, I discovered the awful truth that I had become allergic to cats. It had been a few years since Lacy, Tracy and Macy passed away so I hadn't spent any time around cats in a while. But a couple of my friends had cats, so the allergic reactions I'd get when I went to their houses clued me in. I'm pretty sure God made me allergic to cats to prevent me from owning, like, 20 cats. 

That being said, I have a cat anyway. I was coming home late from work one night, and there she was meowing at me on the stairs up to my apartment. She was so small, and I knew she was a stray because almost all of the strays in this neighborhood are black cats. She let me pet her and pick her up, and I kept telling myself I was going to put her down once I got to my front door. I assumed she would run away, but when I set her down she didn't move. She waited for me to open the door to my apartment, and she walked right inside. So, finder's keepers I guess. 

Her name is Jake after Detective Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He's described on the show as being "scrappy and lovable," so I thought the name fit perfectly. Also, gender doesn't matter when you're a cat.